You’ve finally found something that is perfect for your needs, the only problem is, someone else thinks it’s perfect, too. They’ve put an offer on the property and it’s been accepted. What should you do?

Basically, you have 2 options. Your choice will depend on your situation.

1. You wait to see if the accepted offer has its conditions removed, and if the deal collapses, then write your own offer.

2. You write a backup offer, that is subject to the collapse of the first offer. Writing a backup offer ensures that you will be next in line (provided there aren’t other backup offers on the property) should your backup be accepted by the seller, and the first offer runs into delays. For instance, if that first offer asks for an extension for any reason, the seller could choose to deny that extension and move on to your back up offer.

In this current Whistler market, well-priced properties in great condition are moving fast. If you find something you like, you should make an offer without delay, to ensure you get the home you want. Your agent will be happy to help you write your offer.


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